Tuscan Pot Roast


– Wipe meat with paper towel, rub meat with olive oil

– Cut 3-5 deep holes with a knife to insert garlic cloves. 

– Rub one heaping tablespoon of Calizo’s Taste of Tuscany all over the roast. 

– Heat olive oil in large pot. Brown sliced onions and remove to a dish. 

– Add roast and brown over medium heat. Turn carefully to brown all over. 

– Add beef broth or water and bring to a boil. 

– Return cooked sliced onions to the pot and spread over the meat. Cover tightly, Simmer on the stove for about 2 hours, checking occasionally that liquid does not dry up. 

– After 2 hours, add vegetables and cook until vegetables are tender, not mushy. 

– Remove meat and vegetables from the pot, place on a dish, cover with foil to remain warm. 

– Skim fat from pot then stir in arrowroot or cornstarch mixture with water or beef broth. Cook till thickens—about 2 minutes. 

– Slice pot roast, place vegetable around the roast. 

– To add color, use lemon quarters or thinly sliced lemon rind. 

– Serve with a green or fruit salad with a light dressing.