Spicy Shrimp Calizo


Cook shrimp in water flavored with ½ T Garlic Powder, 1 T Taste of Tuscany, ½ T Smoked Paprika

In large pot or Dutch oven heat Calizo Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon, add onion sauté for 2-3 minutes

Add carrot and fennel, sauté till tender (3-4 minutes)

Add 1/2 Jar of Calizo Italianaise, all spices, water, and Bay Leaves, simmer on medium heat 5-8 minutes until sauce is totally blended, taste for flavor, add whichever spice or salt you want to increase

Remove Bay Leaves

Add shrimp, low simmer 3 minutes, remove from heat. 

Serve over rice, polenta, mashed potatoes, or noodles